Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) is the latest and one of the most effective methods to detect fugitive gas emissions. With our drone-mounted OGI system, NDIS is able to deliver our clients quicker, more accurate inspections while keeping people out of harm's way.


Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) is quickly becoming the new standard for detecting fugitive gas emissions. SkySkopes is making LDAR compliance safer and more efficient by conducting aerial inspections without the need to set foot on-site.


Features of our OGI System

  • Simultaneouslycapture OGI and visual imagery for comprehensive inspections
  • Collect radiometric temperature data in 640x512 resolution
  • Enhanced mode capability to clearly depict gas leaks 
  • Capture  temperature values with an  accuracy of +/- 1°C

UAV OGI Imaging


Detectable Gases

Our OGI camera is able to detect 20 different hydrocarbon gases allowing us to utilize it in a variety of industries.