Q: Why Should I Choose NDIS Over A Similar Company?

A:  NDIS’s full-service construction documentation services set the company apart. Our trained documentation experts have real-world construction experience and are intimately familiar with navigating the complexities of a dynamic construction site to ensure they capture the right information at the right time.

NDIS comprehensively captures your project site using state-of-the art construction technologies, including high-definition photography, measurable 3D Images, UAS, 3D LiDAR, or 360° virtual walkthroughs.

Once the visual information is captured, NDIS uploads and links the data into an interactive plan of the project in our robust, but intuitive, web-based platform.

Aside from technology, we pride ourselves on building great relationships with our clients. 


Q: How Quickly Can You Respond To An Emergency Need?

A: In most circumstances, we can have an Technician on your site within 24 hours.


Q: What Is The Farthest NDIS Will Travel To Reach A Site?

A: NDIS provides nationwide imaging and inspection services with offices in every major city from coast to coast. Simply put, we are willing to do what it takes to serve your project’s needs- including travel.


Q: Is NDIS Available To Work At Night Or On The Weekend?

A: We, at NDIS, pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to meet your inflexible scheduling needs. We are willing to work nights and weekends, or any other time, in order to help you accomplish the goals of your project. Please contact your local NDIS representative for rates and schedule availability.


Q: What Qualities Set NDIS Team Members Apart?

A: NDIS strongly believes that the key to our success is our incredible team. When hiring new team members NDIS looks for certain qualities which we feel set us apart from the competition. Our strong sense of integrity, proven competency in our field, and commitment to our customers are just a few of the qualities which make NDIS a cut above the rest.


Q: How Does NDIS Ensure Quality Of Service?

A: NDIS focuses solely on the fields of imaging and inspection. All of our team members undergo a rigorous training program in order to ensure they are well prepared to meet your project’s needs. 


Q: What Are Your Rates For Different Services?

A: Please visit our Request For Proposal (RFP) page to receive an estimate for your project. 


Q: Does NDIS Purchase Used Equipment?

A: Yes, we buy used equipment from other UAV and Surveying companies. Please call our corporate office at (877) 226-3940 and we would be happy to discuss equipment sales.  NDIS uses only the best equipment. All of our units are carefully selected to serve the needs of the job in question. We routinely service and calibrate equipment to ensure the most accurate results for your project.



Q:  What does NDIS do?

NDIS provides visual photo, video, thermal, LiDAR, and Optical Gas documentation solutions for construction projects of any size, across all verticals. Our visual documentation specialists are expertly trained to capture construction progress through inspection-grade photos, facility videos, UAV, measurable 3D images, and 3D LiDAR scanning.

NDIS then preserves a perfect record of your project, at every stage of its lifecycle, by linking the visual records to an interactive set of the plans. Project stakeholders can review the inspection-grade imagery, and asset videos online for remote monitoring and inspection, QA&QC, training, or verification of as-built conditions.


Q:  Who uses NDIS?

NDIS’s services are utilized by Building Owners and Developers, General Contractors, Government Agencies, Facility Managers, Tradespeople, Insurance Carriers, Architects, Engineers, and Attorneys professionals.

These clients come from a range of construction industries, including Healthcare, Education, Government, Multifamily, Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure, Industrial, and Energy.